De Montfort University x SneakHeads®

De Montfort University x SneakHeads®

Press release, 3 March 2023

De Montfort University’s Creative Design programmes are excited to announce their new sponsor relationship with Imaginnovation, a dynamic and innovative creative partner. This collaboration will create opportunities for the university to grow its creative community and pioneer new technology.

Through this relationship, De Montfort University will gain access to Imaginnovation’s extensive network of industry connections, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative solutions. This will provide students and staff with the tools and resources needed to push boundaries and unlock their full creative potential. The initial focus will be around a new range of digital and physical collectibles called SneakHeads®. Imaginnovation's passion for creativity and innovation aligns perfectly with our own values on the suite of programmes.

The relationship is expected to lead to new research and development initiatives in areas such as artist collaborations, sneaker design, fashion, digital authentication and sustainable materials. This will create exciting opportunities for students and faculty to work collaboratively on ground-breaking projects that have the potential to have real world impact.

"We are thrilled to work with De Montfort University and support their vision for a thriving creative community," said Wayne Lindsay FRSA, founder of Imaginnovation and creator of SneakHeads®. "By leveraging our expertise and resources, we hope to empower students and faculty to create innovative solutions that will shape the future of creative industries."

This collaboration marks a significant step forward for De Montfort University's creative courses commitment to innovation and creativity, and we look forward to sharing the exciting developments with the wider creative community.

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