Whether you're an artist in search of a new canvas, a collector looking for fresh art or a community group exploring new ways to engage... welcome to the SneakHeads® creative ecosystem! 

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Our Sneakonomy

The concept

A community at the intersection of art, sneaker culture and collectibles, celebrating creativity, collaboration and sustainability.


We're all about creating a culture of community and collaboration. The SneakHeads® characters are a canvas or starting point to create, experiment, showcase, support, share stories, connect and more...


An integral part of our story is, of course, the sneaker. A powerful, iconic invention – one that connects communities from multiple entry points from fashion, utility, performance, heritage and design... Our "Sneakosystem" is a creative circular economy, engineered to nurture creativity and expression.


Blockchain technology authenticates and protects community members and their digital assets. Playing at the intersection of physical and digital worlds, this hybrid experience ignites the imagination for a new generation of creative trailblazers...


The physical SneakHeads® collectibles are eco-friendly, made-to-order, with planet-friendly packaging. Our branded garments are sustainably produced and most can be returned for remilling when worn out.

In most cases, we'll use the postal service and consciously try to economise deliveries, whilst offsetting the transportation by planting trees and supporting international sustainability projects with our company Ecologi account.


We actively partner with registered charities and non-profit organisations to raise funds and awareness that truly make an impact. We especially focus on supporting the next generation, seeking innovative ways to empower and uplift the potential of our young people.