SneakHeads® unboxed

Art has power. 

“The colours live a remarkable life of their own after they have been applied to the canvas.”Edvard Munch 😱

SneakHeads® figures offer a fresh canvas for inclusive art, both physical and digital. Our Community Members and Artists have priority access to limited edition art pieces, exclusive rewards, airdrops and creator royalties. Our SneakHeads® footprint is designed to make a positive impact on people, places and planet.



"SneakHeads® represent our desire for self-expression and identity, connecting people from diverse generations and backgrounds, fusing culture, creativity and commerce."

Our creative ecosystem straddles the physical and digital worlds and our use of technology enhances both the creative experience and art ownership in the following ways:   

🎨 - Exclusive access and limited-edition physical and digital art
📱 - Seamless and gamified integration with digital platforms
🔑 - Unique ownership verification with blockchain technology
🔍 - Traceability and transparency for artwork ownership and history
✅ - Mechanism for authenticating physical artwork
🌍 - Increased accessibility and affordability for collectors
👨‍🎨 - Creator-control over resale and royalties
🤝 - Fosters community engagement and collaboration
💡 - Innovative technology makes the art market more accessible


The SneakHeads® logo

Our Sneakosystem represented by our logo's circle, fosters social, creative, and financial benefits. Our sustainable approach includes made-to-order products, quality garments, and collectible figures that prioritise responsibility while reducing waste. The space below the circle represents an open invitation for collaboration.


Our SneakHeads® DNA

SneakHeads® was founded by Wayne Lindsay FRSA and co-created with his teenage sons Maxwell & Otis, fusing their shared passion for art, collectibles and sneakers, leading to the initial creation of SneakHeads® in 2020 as a collectible physical art toy designed for customisation. Read more about the team here. 


SneakHeads® – welcome to the collective.